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Rick & Lavinia Ross, Salmon Brook Farms – Summer 2021

It is high summer here on our little farm in the Cascade foothills, on the other side of solstice.  The long, cool, but insufficiently rainy spring ended,  throwing us rather quickly into not only hot weather, but into extreme heat coupled with drought.  There is nothing much to do except spot water plantings, try to stay cool, and ride out the season, hoping the garden and trees do too.  I look forward to September and the coming rainy season, and if I listen carefully, I can hear Autumn’s slow, steady footsteps as the sun begins his journey south.

Hope 2007-2021

Hope 2013

Our Hope cat, July of 2013, in her prime.

Our cats have been aging along with us, and with age comes many age related illnesses and conditions.  We have lost a few of our seniors and elderly cats since this blog was started.  As Greg Lake said, “death is life”.  Along with the spring, we said goodbye to our little Hope cat.  She had developed intermittent intestinal problems which were finally diagnosed as cancer.  We opted for palliative care.   Knowing I only post four times a year, our friend Doug Thomas offered to post Hope’s memorial on his site the day after she was euthanized.  Doug and I thought it might also be a helpful post for others agonizing over the decision to euthanize their animal companions when it is time.  I’ve never found it to be an easy decision, and never will.  We are grateful for compassionate veterinary care.

Named after one of my aunts, Hope was one of several kittens born to a feral mother under our old house.  Homes were found for all, but Hope and her brother Marcus remained with us here as indoor kitties.   Skittish and not trusting in her early years, she grew accustomed to indoor life, eventually sleeping on the bed, and waking me with a paw in the face.  Hope will always be remembered for her endearing personality, and unique barking meow.  I’ve included a few photos from her life.  Rest in Love, dear Hope.

Hope, May 2014

Hope, May 2014

Hope, December 2014

Hope, December 2014

Hope, December 2014

Hope, December 2014

Hope, March 2016

Hope, March 2016

Hope, April 2021

Hope, April 2021

As one life passes, another is born.  All manner of life sprang up around us, as it does each year.  April’s apple blossoms and dark skies soon gave way to the time of irises and transitional skies, rainbows and roses.  Ghostly crab spiders could be found waiting in ambush for their next meal.

Apple blossoms and dark skies of April

Crab spider in bloom (left side) wait for prey.

View to the east towards the Cascades, June 8th.

One of the first irises to bloom.

Out by Elbert’s Garden.

A new wildflower was sighted, I think it may be sort of Mimulus as best I can tell.

A close up of the bloom. Some kind of Mimulus?

A better view of leaves and stalks.

Blackberry. Though invasive, its nectar is part of the main honey flow in the Willamette Valley. Bees, birds and animals, including humans, feed from these plants.

Pandemic restrictions are slowly lifting, and music has started up many places.  My schedule is beginning to fill again, at least for the time being.  If you happen to be in the neighborhood of where I am playing, please do drop in and say hello.

I leave readers with an old Irish blessing.  Until we meet again.

May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind always be at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

and rains fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again,

May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

A buttercup at wood’s edge in late afternoon.


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  1. It’s always sad when one loses Hope (whether a kitty, a feeling, or both). Although our heatwaves have been broken at least once a week so far, your quarterly post is like a cool breeze and an iced beverage on a hot day–refreshing and welcome.

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  2. Timothy Price says:

    It’s hard to deal with old and aging kitties, and the decision to put them down is hard. Fortunately, we were been able to do hope kitty hospice on old kitties and let then die in their favorite places. But I know sometimes, the pain is to much to handle and euthanizing is the human thing to do. You got some beautiful flowers. The heat we had a few weeks ago changed places. We are cool with rain.

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    • Thanks for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life, Tim, it is always good to see you. I remember your old kitties, especially Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

      June is way too soon for all this heat we don’t usually see until late July and August. I am glad you got some good rain. I love your photos of clouds and storms, especially over the Sandias and river.

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    • Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life, Teagan. It is always good to see you. We’ve been hit hard in the senior and elderly cat department over the last year. Many hugs back to you and Crystal. ❤

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  3. GP says:

    A warm hearted post of both memories and an optimistic look forward, Lavinia. Hope was a beautiful creature and perhaps that new flower came to Salmon Brook as a memorial to her.
    I’ve been hearing every day about your heat wave. I guess I’d better not mention our heat here – you have us beat by a mile!!

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    • It is always good to see you, Musiewild. Thanks for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life.

      The extreme heat broke last night. It had been about 107 in the shade of the porch at our house the last two days. Now we are going by to 90 degree weather, cool by comparison. 🙂 June is way too soon for all of this.

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  4. I like your phrase “on the other side of solstice.” It’s great that passing that marker this year means you’re getting back to playing. I noticed in your schedule that one venue is in Yachats, whose unusual name I remember because I took some 3-D infrared pictures along the coast there on June 16, 1978.

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    • Always a pleasure to see you, Steve! Thanks for stopping by. Yachats is one of my favorite places, and I have missed the Oregon coast. Now you will have to explain the 3-D infrared pictures of the coastline. What were you working on?

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      • In the late 1970s I’d hit upon combining black and white infrared photography with the old medium of side-by-side stereo (i.e. 3-D) prints. The combination was unique, and I worked with it into the first part of the 1980s. In June of 1978 I’d flown from Austin to Portland to visit a friend in Corvallis. I ended up buying a cheap old car there. I passed through Yachats as I headed down Highway 101 at the beginning of the long drive to Austin. I wasn’t working on a specific photographic project, just taking pictures of things that interested me.

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  5. Lavinia, I’m sorry for your losing beautiful Hope, she looks so beautiful. I’m amazed at how hot it’s been way up there, those are Las Vegas temperatures but with real humidity! Lovely photos, and I would certainly stop by and have a listen to you playing if I could. Good to see you again. Be well! 😎😻

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    • It is always a pleasure to see you, John, no matter what the circumstances. Hope was a beautiful kitty and a dear soul. The humidity is not too bad in my part of Oregon, at least not by east coast standards, which is where I am from.

      You take care, down there in the land of real heat. Stay cool, and stay well, my friend! Thank you so much for stopping by! ❤

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  6. Your Hope was a beautiful kitty; I love her the look on her face in front of the bookcase. I am so sorry that the time came to say goodbye. I know how much it hurts and makes you feel lonely. Hope was my late mother’s name.
    Your photos and descriptions of spring arriving with flowers and cloudy skies, and turning to early summer, are beautiful and meaningful. I am hoping that the heat wave in the Pacific NW will go away quickly and that no one will have heat-related problems.
    Doing live music shows again sounds so positive, a good way to move forward.
    Cheers and Meows from Leah and the kitties

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    • Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life, Leah, and for the kind words! In that photo in front of the book case, Hope was in a brief period of time where she had regained some weight and rallied before the tumors became ascites, or fluid producing. She kept her spirit right down to the end, though, and went out of this world calm and clear-eyed.

      The extreme heat broke here last night, and now we are back down into the 90s. 🙂

      All my best to you and the kitties over at Catwoods. ❤

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  7. Lyn says:

    We love our kits, and it’s near-impossible to let them go. Some comfort can be had by knowing we’ve given them a darn good life! Always enjoy your posts, Lavinia. Hope to get together with you and Rick again soon.

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    • Thank you for stopping by here Lyn, and sharing in Hope’s life. We try to give them the best life possible, but sometimes the roll of the dice is not in our favor.

      Rick and I are looking forward to seeing you and Jerry again soon, too.

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  8. I’ll add to the commiserations about Hope. It is always sad to have to make decisions like that. I hope that your plants can survive the swift transition from too cold to far too hot.

    It is good to hear the music is being made again. It has been a sad loss during the lockdowns.

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    • It is always a pleasure to see you, Tootlepedal. Thank you for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life, and news from the farm.

      It is way too early for such heat, and we will see what survives in the garden this summer. Plants will shut down in extreme heat, and may actually delay the grape harvest a bit. The heat can work that way. We have just about picked out the cherries; blueberries are coming ripe. Plums are normally picked in early August. I am not sure what we will get for plums this year.

      It is good to make music again. I agree, it has been a sad loss during the lockdowns. I hope I will eventually hear more from the Langholm choir as well.

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      • The pandemic has been very hard on music and musicians, here too. I hope Langholm’s choir survives, and that I will hear the Carlisle choir this autumn and coming winter.


  9. Hugs again for the loss of Hope. Days from now, July 15th, will be the first anniversary of the death of Dougy, my smoke Persian kitty I raised from a kitten along with his brother Andy. As sad as I am about Dougy, I’ve seen Andy bloom, become more confident now that he doesn’t have to kowtow to his brother. Happily, Andy will have his 10th birthday on Canada Day, July 1st. That change in Andy’s confidence helps me be forward-looking about the sole kitty in my home now.

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    • Doug, you are like another brother, and it is always a pleasure to see you. I send hugs back to you for the loss of Dougy cat. I know its coming up on that one year anniversary, which for me, is always the hardest. Cats are very good at filling a void with their own personality, as Andy has demonstrated. Everyone here wishes the wee Andrew a Happy 10th birthday in advance, and that the two of you have many more years together. ❤

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    • Thank you for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life. She was a wonderful kitty, and will be missed. We were lucky to have her with us here.

      And thank you for all you do fostering cats and dogs! They are lucky to have you.

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  10. I too, am so sorry you have had to say goodbye to yet another of your kitty family. Hope was such a beautiful cat. I was glad to see that the extreme heat you have been enduring has broken and it is now *only* 90 degrees! It is good to know you are performing again.
    When will this pandemic end?! My brother-in-law, despite having had two injections is now quite unwell with Covid. I hope the vaccine stops him from having severe illness.
    The new mimulus-type plant looks very bright and cheerful.
    Love and best wishes, Clare x

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    • It is a pleasure to see you, Clare. Thank you for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life. She was a beautiful kitty, and dear little soul.

      The variants of the covid virus and how effective the vaccines are against them are a major concern. I am fairly certain all of us who have been vaccinated will need a booster shot at some point, but there are still many aspects of this plague that haven’t been pinned down yet. I hope your brother-in-law recovers quickly and without complications.

      That yellow Mimulus type flower is a beautiful little thing isn’t it? I was hoping you could identify it. You were able to figure out the yellow bartsia for us a few years back.

      Love to you and your family,

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  11. I am so very sorry for your loss, Lavinia – you will be in my thoughts. I love the name Hope and know that she will continue to be a wonderful memory for you going forward. We are experiencing the same heat on our side of the border. Lytton B.C. has been the hot spot of Canada for three days in a row at 47C or 116.6F. We usually don’t have that type of heat in Canada especially in June. I’m delighted that music is starting up for you! Thank you for the old Irish blessing – it made my day.

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    • Thank you so much for stopping by, Rebecca, and for sharing in Hope’s life. She will always be with me in spirit, a quiet, sweet memory. ❤

      I am sorry you are getting such heat in Canada, especially in June! This year has been, and seems to continue to be difficult for many.

      I will be by to catch up with you soon. The days pass all too quickly here.

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    • Thank you for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life, Ellen. She was a beautiful kitty and dear little soul. It is a problem when one has many cats and most of them were on the senior and elderly side. We are down to five cats now, three 8 year olds, a soon to be 14 year old and a 15 year old. Those years pass all too quickly.

      Hugs to you and your kitties. ❤

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  12. Hope was a beauty and not that common a colour in girl cats. We’ve lost three of our darling animal companions in the last year and we know where you are. Heat and drought so early puts a blanket on many plans but at least you have your music now which must be a huge bonus. Big hug.

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    • Annie, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life. She was a beauty, and looked just like her feral mother. It is hard when one has a lot of cats, and most of them were in the senior and elderly category. We have also lost three in the last year. Thank you for your support, and I hope your summer heat and drought in France will not be so severe.

      Best wishes and hugs to you and the Animal Couriers team. ❤


  13. Herman says:

    Hi Lavinia. It’s always so painful when a furry friend passes away after so many years. I was in tears a few days ago because Mr. Bowie’s grandmother was euthanised. She was 17 years old and very sick the last weeks. It made me think again of Mr. Bowie and Hope. I found some comfort in watching some videos and photographs of Bowie.

    Wishing you all the best, my dear friend! Jimi sends his regards to all the cats on the Farm!

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  14. Sending you a breath of cold, winter air from Christchurch. I hope it reaches you soon! It will soothe your heat. 🙂 I am sorry to hear about Hope. Our littlest family members are so precious and, though small, they leave huge holes in our lives. I am still grieving my Jack.

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  15. I read this post with tears in my eyes. Farewell, dear Hope! What a good life she had with you. And such a darling face. How I wish, wish, wish we loved closer and I could go hear you play in person. I’d be there in a shot. Finally, may the rain come sooner rather than later. We, too, are in a drought. How awful it is.

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    • Laurie, it is always a pleasure to see you, and thank you for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life. She was a beautiful kitty, and a sweetheart.

      I will pray for rain for both of us. Here is a song by Peter Rowan, “Rainmaker” you might like.


  16. In hearing at the French TV the very hot weather in the NW of the USA , I thought of you, Lavinia and Rick . I heard some people were dead with the high temp . Please , be prudent.
    You had drought but now it is raining every day and the gardens are soaked ! Too much !
    I think the weather becomes weird .
    Sorry for the friend cat that died . My oldest daughter is worrying with one of her horse that has been frightened by the thunder and went away in running and wounded itself .
    Hopeful better days for you both , Lavinia
    Love ❤

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    • Dear Michel, it is always a pleasure to see you, and I hope you are doing well. Thank you for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life. I will gladly take some of your rain. 🙂 We are trying not to be out if if it is too hot. Even the car had trouble the other day.

      I hope Carole’s horse will be alright. Please send her my best wishes for her horse to recover quickly.

      Love to you, Janine and the family,


      • Like I say in my previous comment above it has been raining here in northern France until July 14. Veggies are not happy at the oposite of the weeds !
        I hope it is less hot in your state , Lavinia .
        We have not animals at our home . We had one in a far past ( a dog ) . But I had too much pain when she died .
        Love ❤

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      • It is always a pleasure to see you, Michel, and I am glad to see you have a new blog post. Thank you for stopping by and sharing in our lives here, and Hope’s life. I remember you saying you once had a dog that you loved very much, so you know the pain of losing an animal friend. ❤

        The weather this week has been better than the extreme heat wave that came through at the end of June, beginning of July. The temperature was 107 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade. I have been hearing about the excessive rain and flooding in Europe. My heart goes out to all those affected and in need. ❤


  17. Dear Lavinia,

    I am so sorry to hear about Hope. I appreciate people who think of their pet’s needs and let them go peacefully. It’s terribly hard, but so kind. Your words of love about her made me cry. Hugs to you.

    My husband is a recording engineer, and we are both so happy to see live music coming back. We celebrate with you.

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    • Jodie, it is always a pleasure to see you, and thank you for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life. Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a lot to us. Many hugs back to you. ❤

      Thank you for celebrating the return of music! 🙂

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  18. Hope seems such a beautiful kittie and I’m sure brought much love into your life. You’ve reminded me that when I was very young, and a lot of house building was going on around where I lived, I would often find feral litters. I would go up and down the streets convincing the neighbours to take on a kitten 🙂 They all found homes. I almost wish I could reclaim that naive young woman.
    We here in the south are in winter, and the heater is running. But a wonderful friend sent me a beautiful message for my birthday, which was the day after the winter solstice. “Today is the first of our longer days. Thank you for bringing the light into my life”. Gorgeous, huh? Sounds like the beginning of a song lyric to me.

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    • It is always a pleasure to see you, Gwendolyn, and thank you for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life. She did bring much love, and joy, into our lives here. I often wish I could reclaim at least parts of my naive younger self. 🙂 You did a good thing helping find homes for all those feral kittens.

      “Today is the first of our longer days. Thank you for bringing the light into my life”. What a wonderful gift of words from a dear friend! It does sound like it lends itself to song, and I will ponder that.

      Enjoy your longer days, Gwendolyn. May all good things come your way. ❤

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  19. Farewell, Hope!
    It is always heart-breaking to say good bye. You do it so comfortingly, Lavinia – the chance to pay tribute, to reminisce, to close the chapter with so much hope.

    Hope you get some reprieve from the heat soon!

    Wonder if you’ve heard this version of the Irish Blessing – I was very touched by it:

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    • It is always a pleasure to see you, Laura. Thank you for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life. She was a dear kitty, and a unique soul, as they all are. ❤

      I am looking forward to the music!

      I will catch up with your blog, and the rest of you soon here. I have fallen way behind on many things. 🙂

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  20. Hello-hello Lavinia. I’m sorry to hear you had to say goodbye to kitty Hope. I surely know how hard that decision is, arms around you for your loss. Hope was so pretty. I’ve always had a soft spot for marmalade coloured kitties. My first cat, Ginger (named for the Gilligan’s Island movie star character) was orange and white. Well, honestly, I love every kitty, everywhere and get quite excited if I get to meet one on a walk.
    We’re on the final day of a 7 day heat wave of the century, with temps in the high 30’s here. We do have AC at home so we felt luckier than some. Needless to say, it’s the highest temps we’ve ever had. Jasper, in the mountains, was 39.4 yesterday !! That’s just crazy. We were in the mountains last week and enjoyed temps in the low 20’s.
    I’m hoping this isn’t a new normal because I’ve only been out to water planters with hopes they would survive the week. I only planted them 3 weeks ago, ha!
    Have a great summer making music! It’s our first day of unmasking in Alberta….we’ll see how it goes but I’m going to continue to wear mine in public. Hugs xK

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    • Kelly, it is always a pleasure to see you, and thanks for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life. She was a beautiful kitty and a dear soul.

      Your Ginger kitty sounds like a sweetheart, too. What a great name! I was also a fan of Gilligan’s Island.

      I hope your heat wave breaks soon, and things go back to “normal”, whatever that is now. We have had cool, cloudy weather again the last few days, but will be back in the 90s again before long.

      Restrictions have been lifted here in Oregon, and we will see how this goes. Businesses are free to continue whatever restrictions they feel are necessary. These are strange times.

      Stay cool and stay well, dear friend. ❤

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    • Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life, Jason and Judy. Hope was a beautiful kitty and dear soul. ❤

      I am slowly catching up with everyone after this past winter and spring, I'll be by soon to catch up with your gardens.

      Best wishes for all good things to you both.

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  21. Hi Lavinia, I am too sorry to hear about your loss. May you forever cherish memories of your Hope.

    It’s good to hear you’ll be able to perform live again as restrictions start to ease up. It should be fun to be out and about. Enjoy!

    As for the hot weather, we’re experiencing the same here. Do take care, stay hydrated and hopefully rain will come your way, and offer some relief.❤️

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    • It is always a pleasure to have you visit, Khaya. Thank you for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life. ❤ She was a bright little spirit in our lives.

      Yes, playing music live again will be a good thing, one step towards being a part of things again. I look forward to that.

      The heat wave has broken here, for the time being. In a normal year, we have a rain from late September through June. July, August and September are the usual cloudless, dry and hot months of summer in my area. Normal and weather are two words that don't seem to go together anymore, though. 🙂 I hope you are able to get some rain and cooler temperatures as well. Stay well! ❤

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  22. niasunset says:

    Dear Lavinia, you know, it is always so sad to lose our cats, they are one of a member of our families… I can almost feel and understand. Hope was a lovely cat, will never been forgotten. Rest in peace beautiful Hope.
    Your flowers are beautiful, and amazing photograph you captured with the gray sky… The hot weather started last week in here, and of course high humidity too… Every summer it is being more problem…

    I am so glad to hear that your music concert starting again… I really wished to be there and to make a surprise to you dear Lavinia…

    Have a nice and enjoyable summer time, and be in safe, Thank you, Love and Hugs, nia

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    • It is always a pleasure to see you, dear Nia! Thank you for stopping by and celebrating in Hope’s life. She was a beautiful and dear kitty.

      I am looking forward to playing a little music out. There is not much yet, but things are slowly opening up now that restrictions have been lifted. I hope that process goes well and that they do not have to lock down again.

      I forgot to include this photo in the post. A rainbow for you, dear Nia. Stay safe and well. ❤

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  23. Lavinia, I am so sorry to hear about Hope. What a sweet girl she was; seeming like she must have been gentle after all her time with you. We can never get used to making the choice to let an animal go, but they, with no choice, have placed their lives, and their deaths, in our hands. It is our privilege to help them pass over in peace and love, as I know you do.
    Love the crab spider – I’ve never seen one! And thank you for the Irish blessing – a favorite – and I return it to you, hoping you have rain and stay well. Jeanne

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    • It is always a pleasure to see you, Jeanne! Thank you so much for stopping by and for sharing in Hope’s life. She was a dear kitty and a beautiful soul. ❤

      We have lots of crab spiders here, pale green to ghostly white. On occasion a honeybee falls prey to one.

      I am glad you enjoyed the Irish blessing. 🙂

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  24. What a sweet kitty Hope was. Lovely photos of her, Lavinia. I’m sure she enjoyed a wonderful life with you all. I thought it was hot here in Florida, but it seems that we are quite a few degrees cooler than some parts of the country. I love how you say that you can feel the fall creeping up on you even in the heat of summer. The new yellow flower is so pretty and of course the Iris is just sublime. How I wish that your singing venues were within easy reach for me. I would be a most appreciative audience. 🤗

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    • It is always a pleasure to see you, Sylvia, and thank you so much for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life. She was a dear kitty, a bright, loving little soul.

      I still remember your Igasho, and miss seeing his pictures on your blog. He was a handsome fellow.

      In past years, all this heat came in August and was on the way out by Labor Day, and the autumnal equinox not far off. I am not sure what to expect from weather patterns anymore. The slow movement of the sun southward and days growing shorter is where I first notice autumn growing closer. I have an ear to the ground, in hopeful expectation. 🙂

      That yellow flower was quite striking at woods edge. Nature has a way of surprising us with her gems scattered here and there. See my reply to Niasunset. I posted a copy of an intense rainbow from this spring in my reply. I had meant to include it in this season’s post.

      I know of some musicians in Florida you may enjoy seeing now that restrictions are lifting. Look up Jennings and Keller. I am not sure how near they live to you, but they do tour.

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    • It is always a pleasure to see you, Julie. Thanks for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life. She was dear kitty and a sweet little soul.

      Yes, it is good for the soul to be out laying some music again.

      Much love to to you and your family from all of us here. ❤

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  26. I always read the comments here, and I’ll confess that I laughed right out loud at one of yours — that you come from a long line of dead people. So it is for us all. Reading of your loss of your beautiful kitty brought something else to mind: Hope may be gone now, but hope of the larger kind endures. Being able to cling to hope even in loss is a blessing.

    I think your yellow flower might be seep monkeyflower: Erythranthe guttata. For some reason, it doesn’t show up on the USDA site, but I found this Oregon site listing it.

    I’m so glad to know that you’re able to be playing in public again. I remember how special it was the first night I heard live music in the air, as the restrictions were loosening. I was at a local gas station, filling up the car, and a pub across the street had a group playing on their patio. Everyone around was listening, and smiling.

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    • It is always a pleasure to see you Linda, and thank you for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life. Like your Dixie Rose, she was a dear kitty. Dixie’s iris took this year off from blooming, but I have been carefully tending it here.

      The long line of dead people – I think my husband came up with that one. I know I have heard him say it, but neither one of us could figure out where he might have heard it. He may have come up with that himself. It is a good one. 🙂

      Erythranthe guttata, the seep monkeyflower, also known by its former genus and species name of Mimulus guttatus, looks like a good match, and I thank you for the positive identification.

      Is is good to hear live musicians again. I can picture the scene around the pub you mentioned, and also smiled in appreciation. 🙂


    • It is always a pleasure to see you, Teri, and I thank you for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life. The spring and early summer, with everything going on, got away from me, and I am slowly trying to catch up with people, including your beautiful blog. I’ll be by soon. 🙂

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  27. So sorry on the loss of your Hope. Beautiful kitty.

    Hope you and Rick have been doing well, staying cool from the heat wave. We haven’t had too many hot days this summer on tour. We did have a couple hot days while we were in the Saugerties, in NY, along with the mugginess. In SoCal, we had warm days but not the oppressive heat they can get sometimes. Better yet, no major fire while we were there. The real heat we’ve experienced is back here in Colorado. Today isn’t too bad, kind of comfortable but a lot hazy … probably smoke from a distant wildfire somewhere.

    Stay well, stay cool.

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    • It is always a pleasure to see you, David,and thank you for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life. She was a dear, beautiful kitty. ❤

      Portland, Oregon saw 115 degrees during the heatwave. We saw 107 in the shade of the porch. I am not sure what it was out in the field. Fortunately, we do not get the mugginess (at least by New England standards) here. So far all is good, and we hope to not have a fire season like last year.

      We also have family in Colorado, and worry about them, and you all.

      Stay safe, cool and well. Best to you and your family, and a Happy Birthday to Tara. ❤

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  28. I’m so sorry that you lost your cat Hope, Lavinia. My husband and I lost our last pet in October and we are, for the first time in our marriage, truly empty nesters. There are opportunities to travel now, but it feels strange not to be sharing our home with little creatures. Hugs to you.
    And beautiful flowers of summer. I’m glad to hear that your music is taking front stage again. Enjoy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is always a pleasure to see you, Diana. Thank you for stopping by and sharing in Hope’s life. She was a dear kitty. I am sorry the last of your pets has passed on. Each of them leaves a hole when they go. Many hugs back to you.

      I am glad the music is back, at least for now. Rick and I are fully vaccinated, but will see what winter brings and how the venues fare.

      Best wishes to you and your husband from all of us here. ❤

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