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Rick & Lavinia Ross, Salmon Brook Farms – Spring 2022

The winter days have quickly passed into spring, bringing forth new life and new beginnings.  The sun’s rising point has moved northward along the eastern ridge, and with it, the days have grown longer, the sun brighter and less angled.  Another year is underway.

One of my favorite photos of Blynken as a kitten, pushing her brother’s head down to get a better look at the camera.

This is one of my favorite photos of Blynken as a kitten, pushing her brother’s head down to get a better look at the camera.  She had a quiet intensity in her gaze, making one feel as if they were being studied.   Here is another photo of her as a youngster, trying to figure out what I am up to with the camera.

Blynken, the Quiet Intellectual. Wonders what I’m up to with that camera!

We said goodbye to Blynken at the end of February.    As a kitten, a heart murmur had been detected, but she soon outgrew it, and it remained undetectable on auscultation for many years.  She had seen two different veterinarians in the months before her death, one for an exam and rabies vaccine, the second for a dentistry, and no problems were noted with blood work or anesthesia.  At the end of February, she was found in the morning with her nose pressed against the window.  It seemed she was having trouble breathing.  Blynken was taken in immediately on emergency where it was determined she was in left heart failure, and placed in an oxygen cage.  The ER vet contacted a cardiologist.  Based on his recommendation, a three drug combination from the compounding pharmacy –  Pimobendan, Spironolactone and Clopidogrel – was tried.  She was kept in the ER overnight.   Although she seemed to feel better the next morning and was making biscuits on her blanket,  Blynken could not survive outside the oxygen cage and the clot suddenly moved and painfully lodged in a front leg before it could be dissolved.  At this point it was agreed it was time to let her go.   Our friend and fellow blogger Doug Thomas posted a memorial to Blynken after her death.  We are grateful for Doug’s steadfast friendship through good times and hard times.

We all come into this world, and we all leave it after a time, in way or another.  Sometimes one is lucky enough to go in their sleep.  Although Rick and I know that, and our own time will come eventually,  it is never any easier to bear the loss of a loved one, and I have not felt the motivation to write.  This post was due to come out a month ago.  Goodbye, Blynken.  You are missed.

Wynken, Blynken and Nod (left to right) as youngsters.

News from the farm

It has been a long, cool transition into spring, randomly punctuated by some unusual warmth.  A number of mornings were in the lower 30s to below freezing during the time the plums, pears and cherries were blooming.  The black tartarian and a few of the wild cherry hybrids bloomed late, and will probably produce something.  We will see what we happens with the apples, which are blooming now during all the rain.

This February I managed to catch a hazelnut bloom after a rainstorm.  The tiny red female flower held a droplet of water, reminding me of a gemstone in a setting.  Such finds in nature are a reminder that some of the most beautiful things in life are hard to see, often right under our nose or feet.  One must take the time to look.

Hazelnut bloom in February after a rainstorm.

Daffodils planted in late autumn have come and gone.  The new planting below was put in for fellow blogger Tim Price’s mother and father.  His mother passed away last year.  Tim has been a big supporter of other bloggers, and has recently been charting the progress of a new clutch of great horned owl chicks in his area.  Tim, a photographer, multi-talented individual and owl whisperer, is from Corrales, New Mexico and lives near the Rio Grande and Sandia mountains.

Daffodils planted for Tim Price’s mother and father. Tim’s mother passed away last year.

Tomato, eggplant and pepper starts have been quietly growing in the plant room, and many have already been transplanted into bigger pots, waiting for warmer weather to move them to the garden.  As my left arm and shoulder have been slowly healing, I have been able to do more outside, cleaning up and preparing for the season ahead.

Music news (schedule posted on the Performance Schedule page)

I have guarded the arm and shoulder carefully these past months, and I have been able to practice and play out.  Should you be in the area and wish to see me play, do check out the performance schedule page and drop by.  See previous posts for videos and stories.   There will be more next time.

See you soon!

I leave readers with an old Irish blessing.  Until we meet again, safe travels to wherever your destination in life may lead you.

May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind always be at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

and rains fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again,

May God hold you in the palm of His hand.





161 thoughts on “Rick & Lavinia Ross, Salmon Brook Farms – Spring 2022

  1. Every time I visit your blog, I am reminded of how fully you live life, with all its joys & tears.

    Hellos, goodbyes, farewells … all part of the cycle of life and yet how many actually embrace it as you do.

    Loving Husband and I took a long look at the images of Blynken – so adorable. You must miss him so much as you do all your departed animal friends.

    So glad to hear that you are fit enough to play again – that must have been frustrating and disconcerting! Let the music play on!

    Liked by 2 people

    • It is always a pleasure to see you, Ju-Lyn. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing in Blynken’s life. We really do miss this dear kitty. Sorrow and joy go hand in hand, and are all a part of life.

      Yes, it is good to play music again. It is a big part of my life.

      You and your family also live life to its fullest. I enjoy seeing all the wonderful places you visit. You live in a very beautiful place!

      Wishing you and your family all the best.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I like the photo of the guitar among the furniture, Lavinia. I’m intrigued by the jar with the label ‘tips’. What is it?
    Here we have an awful drought. The green beans are grilled in the garden! And we cannot water much. What about you in Oregon?
    Love ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I like the photo of the guitar among the furniture, Lavinia. I’m intrigued by the jar with the label ‘tips’. What is it?
    Here we have an awful drought. The green beans are grilled in the garden. What about you in Oregon?
    Love ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Michel, thank you so much for stopping by! “Tips” is money people leave in the musician’s tip jar when they like the music. I do not know the French equivalent for it, but there must be one for French musicians.

      It is hot and dry here, too. We are doing a lot of watering these days.

      Much love to you, Janine and the family, ❤️


  4. I’m soooo sorry for your loss of Blynken Lavinia! What an adorable kitty. My Ollie had 3 gray spots on her head when she was a baby too with lots of problems. She was named Olive and we later changed it to Ollie. She is so precious. Take good care!

    Liked by 1 person

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