The Cats of Salmon Brook Farm

The featured image above was taken just after moving back into the new house on the farm.  The old 1974 doublewide (nicknamed “The Mouse Hotel”) was taken down and replaced with a new manufactured home.  Everyone was hungry, and I was able to get this photo of all the cats in their dishes at the same time, tails pointed out.  We use glass bowls set inside three-cornered pans to help contain spilled food.  Left to right – Abby, Nano, Marcus, Hope, Lucio and Willow.  All are rescues or refugees.

Abby at LunchAbby

Our Abby cat. This little Abyssinian is blind in her right eye, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying life.  She has the biggest appetite of the lot, and is always in search of snacks, even if it is our plates.  We have to watch her every minute….   She will be 17 in April, 2019.  Previous owner rescued her from a cat show.  She was headed for euthanasia due to her eye condition.



Our Lucio cat , who loves a good snooze.  Pictured here with Marcus in the lower set of photos, when Marcus was little.  He loves to groom other cats, if they will hold still for it!   Lucio was named for Lucio Sorre, a past president of The Society of Wine Educators.  Lucio showed up one day at the farm, and has been here since.  Both Lucio and Abby believe they are the Alpha Cat.


Marcus and Hope Bookends-EMarcus and Hope, brother and sister.  They were from the last set of mother-kitten refugees to show up here on the farm.   Marcus was the most congenial, Hope the most skittish, with not much of a chance of finding a good home anywhere.  They can be hard to tell apart unless I see their tails.  Hope has a shorter tail with a kink at the end, something she has had from birth.  Still a bit wary,  she has come a long way over the years.  She also makes a “barking meow” call, like a small dog.  Marcus cat was named after my father, pictured below with two of his Marine buddies during WWII.  Dad is the handsome Marine in the middle with the monkey companion.  Dad was quite also quite fond of cats.


Marcus cat was named after my father Marcus, the handsome Marine in the middle with his pet monkey. The photo is from WWII. The identities of his companions are unknown.


Nano the Great White Hunter,  pictured with Marcus in the second photo.  We call Nano, Marcus and Hope the “Three Twins”, as they are about the same age and treat each other like close siblings.  Nano showed up from nowhere, and used to hunt gophers and mice out back.   He and the now departed Klaatu (probably a relative of his) cleared the property of gophers.  Nano stuck around, even after trapping him to vaccinate and neuter.  He got into too much trouble with other critters out there who beat him up too many times, requiring veterinary care.  So he moved inside, where he became my caretaker.    After my two surgeries in 2010, he never left my side, and still frets if I have been up too late.  We call him “Dr. Nano”, for his white coat.  He tries to herd me back to bed if I am past curfew…


Willow, our resident Calico.  She was down to 6 lbs when we found her in the yard.  Willow has put her weight back on, and now thinks she is the Alpha Cat.  We don’t know how old she is, but we think she is over 20 years old, perhaps 22 now.  We don’t really know for sure.   She bonded with Rick’s mother (see our December 2015 post In Loving Memory), and the two of them used to watch Jeopardy, Seinfeld and CSI together at night, and listen to classical music during day.  Willow has adjusted to life here without her elderly human companion.


The latest residents, left to right: Wynken, Blynken and Nod (see the February 2014 Newsletter).  This photo is the best one I have of them so far as a trio, as they have so much energy now and don’t hold still well for the camera.  Very loving and sweet girls, all of them.  Wynken the longhair is by far the largest and strongest.  Blynken had a heart murmur which she has outgrown.  I call her the quiet intellectual, as she studies people and is a good lap cat.  Little Nod, with her stunning Paul Newman blue eye, is the commentator of the group, and quite talkative.  Her nickname is “Sister Bertrille, The Flying Nod” for her tendency to take a flying leap and ride about on my shoulders while I am working.  One has to be prepared for that…

Their photos as adults…


Curious Nod, spying on outside activities. “You won’t believe what I just saw!” she says.


Blynken the quiet Intellectual and sometimes, gossip, giving Nod an earful!


Lovely long-haired Wynken, a very thoughtful girl. Lead cat of the Three Sisters.

Below are some photos from their early days when they first appeared.  When they first showed up, we put fencing in front of the shed to protect them at night.

Silvie's Kittens-09202013

And then they moved in to safer quarters…


The little orange guy is Tio Pepe, the only male in the litter.  Tio Pepe and mama Silvie found a home with a friend. (see the February 2014 Newsletter).  The Three Sisters have been with us for over 3 years now, and will remain with us.  They will stay together as a family unit.


Cats Emeritus:  These treasured family members have gone on to join the greater Universe.  We miss them!

Old Klaatu on his barrel dining station

Old Klaatu on his barrel dining station

Mr. Austin, left, and Mr. Beaucastel on the right. Watching the grill on the old porch, waiting for the fish to come off.

Mr. Austin, left, and Mr. Beaucastel on the right. Watching the grill on the old porch, waiting for the fish to come off.


47 thoughts on “The Cats of Salmon Brook Farm

  1. Thanks, Timothy! They are a wonderful bunch of cats, and they sure do keep us busy. I love the photos of your kitties too, especially Rosencrantz with those fangs!

    I think it is in the Calico genome to consider themselves Alpha cats.


  2. Herman says:

    I’m really impressed by this family of beautiful cats! They sure look all very happy… I wonder if Mr. Bowie would be welcome to share some of his fresh catnip…


    • Thanks, Herman and Mr. Bowie! We do our best to keep everybody healthy and happy here. Mr. Bowie is always welcome to share fresh catnip with the Salmon Brook cat crew. They are growing some too! And we have plenty of dark chocolate for Herman…


    • Thank you! We love it here, and every season has its own particular beauty. Australia, your home, is also quite lovely. I’ve never been there, but the photos of the countryside I’ve seen on various blogs paint a beautiful picture.


  3. Wonderful to see all your fur friends and hear their stories. You’re very kind and generous to have so many. My brother has four, I suffice with two. They came as a pair for a birthday gift from my brother. I’ve had many cats over the years but this is the first time I’ve had more than one. Even though they go at it sometimes, they still love to snuggle together which is so cute. Thanks for visiting my blog, much appreciated. Happy New Year!


    • Thanks for stopping by! This is my favorite picture of him. I often wonder what became of his monkey friend. Perhaps another soldier took him on? Dad was also very fond of cats, and I think would be proud to have one named after him. I have childhood memories of him, under a car changing the oil. Usually one of the cats was under the car talking to him. They would have a conversation going along the lines of “Really? You don’t say! Well then, I’ll have to do something about that!” I think he preferred their company over most people.

      Liked by 1 person

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  6. Inese Poga Art plus Life says:

    Cats are very nice! I think it’s a lot of work with so many, but they give so much love again, and cure and understand you. I cannot have here any pets because paintings and paints are everywhere, but your place must be very safe.
    Happy, rich, healthy and creative 2017 for you and for all the extended family!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The cats do provide so much love! They give us far more than we humans realize. We work at keeping the place safe for them. They continually find new ways to challenge us in that department. I used to do pen & ink drawings long, long ago, and also worked in acrylic paints. I could not do paints in here now, although I keep thinking about doing artwork again.

      The same wishes for you for 2017! Have a wonderful year ahead!


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