Music Favorites & Influences

Sunrise over Salmon Brook Farm – East and West

I caught the sun rising through the mists over the eastern ridge in late October 2013, and the moon setting in the west, a bit earlier.  The “black lace” effect of the trees reminds me of one of our favorite Ian Tyson songs, Farewell to the North. Ian & Sylvia Tyson were a phenomenal folk duo back in the 60s, leaving a legacy of beautiful recordings behind.

Ian Tyson:
Sylvia Fricker Tyson:


Other musicians whose music has greatly influenced my own, have been an inspiration to me, or I have covered one or more of their songs:

Kate Wolf:

George Schroder:

James Taylor:

Bob Dylan:

Gordon Lightfoot

Peter Rowan:

Emmy Lou Harris:

Joni Mitchell:

Leonard Cohen:

Sandy Denny:

Rowland Salley:

Brian & Sharon Howard:

Kent Aldrich:

Tom Morrisey & Henry BoyleTrying to locate them! 

Les & Mary Warren (“Daybreak”):  Trying to locate them! 

Chris Smither:

Geoff Muldaur:

Donna Martin:

Greg Lake:

John Doan:

Laurie Jennings & Dana Keller:

Dana & Susan Robinson:


And to all the many, many artists I have met along the way who gave me encouragement, their help, and their blessings, THANK YOU!!!


Sunset over Salmon Brook Farm


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