Performance Schedule

Call ahead before driving any distance – things can, and do, sometimes change at the last minute!


Sunday November  12, 2017 3:30 PM
Spokane Fall Folk Festival
Spokane Community College
The Lair – 1810 N. Greene Street
Spokane, WA  99209

Sunday October 15, 2017, 1:00 to 3:00 PM, private birthday party

Looking forward to seeing you all again!  In the meantime, please – wherever you are – help keep your own local music scene alive by going out to see live performers, of any genre you prefer.



11 thoughts on “Performance Schedule

  1. Your photo is really beautiful in full-size. Everything goes so well together — your gaze, your Guild and the signed painting as the background. The lighting is wonderful, highlighting your hair, the vase, and the Guild’s fingerboard creating a visual balance that draws you into the photo. That is the right way to do a selfie.

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    • Thanks, Timothy! It was raining like mad and grey as could be here, so I went looking about the house for a good background that might be interesting. That painting by Rick’s father was always one of my favorites. That Guild is a beautiful guitar seen in full size, and I’ll try to get one next that will hopefully do it justice. The back, sides and neck are flamed maple, and it was one of the last ones built over in Westerly, Rhode Island before Fender bought Guild and moved the factory to the west coast.


  2. Oh how wonderful! I have a guitar that my dad gifted me 20 years ago. After playing for a number of years, I set it aside but just plucked away with a friend at Christmas. I’m very rusty and need to practice. I did just get a Ukelele for Christmas from my husband. I’ve been wanting one for awhile, so I’m out to get a tuner today so I can get down to figuring it out. I like the size and portability of it and the sound too. Do you ever visit ‘Burberry Acoustic Performances’ on You Tube? Just wonderful singer/song writer performances. Very inspiring for me. You may enjoy them too. I subscribed so I don’t miss a single one. I’ll share a link here


    • Thanks for stopping by, Boomdee! I hadn’t heard of that You Tube site and thanks for the link! That was a great gift your father gave you. Please do start practicing again, and I think the more people who make music of any kind, the better.

      You have a beautiful site, and I love all the crafting you do!


  3. angela1313 says:

    I agree with Timothy about the photo. Wonderful you have a Guild. I grew up in Connecticut and we vacationed in Westerly, so I know it. My bothers are the musicians, I’m the painter. So I like the composition and the complementary colors in the photo and would love to see that painting close up, looks beautiful.

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    • Hi Angela, thanks for stopping by and the kind comments! The painting was made by my husband’s father, long ago. I will photograph it, and include it in the next post towards the end of June. Thank you for your interest in it!

      So you would know that the old Guild factory was in Westerly. That Guild 12-string was a special factory order through Mandolin Brothers on Staten Island.


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