The Gift of Life

Sometimes the best solace for grief is a gift of life, a living memorial to someone dear to us.  Although our loved one is no longer on the front lines of life with us, they are forever in mind’s eye and in the echoes of our thoughts; the memories sometimes sparked by the night wind, traveling on starlight, and the moon’s soft ghostly glow.

A white rose of remembrance, planted for my own mother many years ago.

From time to time I have planted flowers, shrubs or trees here to honor the memory of someone dear to somebody, as it is the one kind thing I could think of doing for those left behind.  It is my intention to make this page a living memorial, continually updated, for my blogging community,  friends and relatives visiting this page.   Please bear with me as I catch up with people and add photos.

Herman’s Cherry Tree Garden, for his mother, brother, sister and cats Glippie, Mrs. Jones and Mr. Bowie.

Elbert’s Garden, for Elbert, cats Sox, Molly, Freckles and Louie and Doug’s brother.

Princess Surya cat, end cap to Elbert’s Garden

Easy Rider’s daffodils

Marion and Archie’s Garden, for Baz, Janet and Tom O in Australia at

20 thoughts on “The Gift of Life

    • Thank you for stopping by from, Judy. The planting of perennial flowers and trees to remember loved ones was the one kind thing I felt I could do.


  1. Lavinia, Im so glad that I am not the only one who does this.
    Some of my family members roll their eyes when they think that I am unaware.

    I have lost many dear ones.
    My garden is a living tribute to my loved ones.
    The butterflies are the angels that grace the garden.
    The rain gets collected in baths and buckets.
    Looks odd but I love it.


    Sunshiny SA

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    • Glad you found this page, Inese. It is often the one kind thing I can do for someone, to plant flowers and trees.

      I am only posting every 3 months now. I should have something by the end of March.


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